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Outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Screen Display Panel

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Outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Screen Display Panel
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Outdoor Led display screen the appearance is beautiful, operation is simple, system is capable, picture quality is clear.
The led display have a variety of installation methods, including wall-mounted, inlaid, suspended, double-column, single column, floor-standing.
Panel structure, surface bead design, high-precision density display of high-definition horizon, no inevitable residual shadow on ordinary panels, flickering phenomenon, enjoy the shocking experience;Large resolution, clearer picture, smooth and high-definition rendering, and your true vision.

Outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Screen Display Panel

outdoor led electronic panel

Product Feature

1. More Stable & Safer & Thinner & Lighter

2. Lower construction costs 

3. Higher level IP grade & Best Front Maintenance and Rear Maintenance

4. High and Low Temperature Resistance & More Efficient heat dissipation

Main Parameters

Product Name Outdoor Full Color LED Electronic Screen Display Panel
Pixel Configuration SMD 1921 1R1G1B
Pixel Pitch/mm
Module Resolution 64*128 dots
Pixel Density (pixels/sq.m) 65536
Panel Dimensions (L*W*H)/(mm) 500*1000*90
Module Dimensions (L*W*H)/(mm) 250*500*26
Panel Material
Aviation Aluminum
Panel Weight (kg/panel) 13.8
Brightness (CD) ≥5000
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥1920
Grayscale 16bit
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Color Uniformity (K) 6500-9300 adjustable
Driving Type Constant,1/16 scan
Viewing Angle(H/V) (°) 110/110
Working Frame (Hz) 60
Input Voltage (V) AC 220V / AC 110V (Optional)
Power Consumption (Max. /Avg.) (w/m2) 800/260
Storage Temperature(℃) -20~60(℃)
Working Temperature (℃) -10~40(℃)
Storage Humidity (RH) 10%~90%
Operation Humidity (RH) 10%~90%
IP Degree (Front & Rear) IP66 (IP68 Customized)
Signal Transmission Distance CAT5 cable:<100 m; Single mode fiber:<10 km
Cabinet Installation type Stack, Front & Rear Installation
Maintenance Method Patented technology, Front and rear maintenance, Quick installation and disassemble
Control Method Synchronous, asynchronous
MTBF ≥10,000H
Life Span ≥100,000 Hours

Product Details

led full color display

The size of this outdoor full color LED video wall screen display is 500mm * 1000mm.

outdoor led display screen

· Quick wiring between cabinets

· Internal wireless, no signal interference

· Module does not need to connect to the power signal line

outdoor led electronic panel

The video processor of outdoor P3.91 G-NEWTON LED display.

led full color display

High Color Reproduction, Show The Real World.

CE Certificate GN Series
RoHS Certificate GN Series
RoHS Certificate  GN Series
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